1.  Greet party guests

2.  Photo time (all guests are welcome to take photos with the characters, even Grandma!!)

3.  Assistant gathers children around for dancing with the character! (Hokey Pokey, Cha Cha Slide, etc.) {Please note - We utilize a travel speaker that will not be loud enough for large festival/corporate events, but keep in mind we use an Ipod which can be plugged into any of your speaker systems if needed.}

​4.  Birthday cake... All the guests will join the birthday child and the character to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles!

5.  Time to go! The assistant will announce time for the Mascot to leave, and all final photos can be taken at that time.  

While this is our agenda, we do not work solely on this schedule.  We only provide this if you would like us to be prepared to entertain and interact with the guests on a plan.  Want to change things up? No problem! Just let us know and we can tailor anything for your party/event.  

When we arrive at your party we will let you know we are there.  All characters have assistants who will assist them in all the activities. The following is for a 45 -60 minute party.  Anything below those times will not receive step #3.



How it Works