Our Policies

  • Please understand we will do everything possible to be on time.  There are many factors that could delay our arrival, but we will keep in touch with you if we are stuck in traffic, lost, or handling an un-forseen event.  I assure you, we would never purposefully be late to your event.

  • Please no time changes on the day of your party.

  • If you are not pleased with the appearance, please speak up during the event.  We are not able to do much after the party is over.  We want to be sure you enjoy every minute, and if you for one moment are not happy, please let us know.  Our schedule/music/photo time/activities/games, etc. are always flexible.

  • Please keep in mind we are not party planners or hosts.  We are an addition to your special day, and we can not take over the party completely.  We will do our best to engage the children, but if they are off doing other things it becomes difficult to entertain, but we will always do our best to continue the excitement with your support.

  • We can not change the length of your visit to more time unless it is paid in full before the appearance begins.

  • Please understand some costumed characters are not easy to move/see in.  If you feel they are not interacting to the level you expected, please keep this in mind.  We always bring the highest level of energy to every event, but there are indeed times when the mascot just can not dance or run as you might assume.


  • ​ As we all know, weather can not always be predicted.  If there is known flooding or dangerous elements we will always choose safety and call to reschedule or provide a refund.  We really hope you understand risking lives is not something we take lightly.​  Rest assure we will still make every attempt if we can indeed do so.

  • Finally, please note all characters may be similar to known trademarked companies, but this is mearily a coincidence.  We do our best to ensure all the costumes are unique from large corporations, and thus you will only find actual named characters with their respective copywrighten companies.